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Envoy Leads Dashboard

Lead Filters

The Lead Dashboard will be the main area that you will be taken into when you first Login to Envoy. You’ll see 3 tabs at the top of the Page which act as Filters that sort out new/existing Leads to make it easier to manage. We include 3 pre-made Filters for you which are listed as the 3 current tabs: All, New and Active.

  • All: This is the entire list of current Leads that are stored within Envoy.
  • New: This Filter would include any New Leads that have not yet been reviewed.
  • Active: This Filter would include any Leads that have had activity, including New Leads. So if a Lead has performed a Home Search, saved a Search, etc., etc., they would be listed under the Active tab.

One thing to keep in mind while viewing Leads in the New/Active Filters is that once a Lead has been viewed, they will be removed from the New Filter and only appear in “All”. This makes it easier to follow up with any new Leads or any Users that are actively using the Product.


You do have the ability to add your own Filters as well by clicking on the tab with the cogwheel. This will bring up a menu on the right-hand side of the Page with 3 tabs within it called: Filters, Create and Edit.

  • Filters: This is where you’ll view Filters that you’ve manually created so that you can modify or delete them in the future.
  • Create: Here you can create your own Filters based upon varying criteria that you input through the options offered.
  • Edit: In this area you’ll be able to modify the criteria being used for any of the Filters that you’ve created. (There isn’t a way to modify the 3 pre-made Filters at this time)


Example 1: Leads searching for Luxury Homes

Say you wanted to create a Filter that only displayed Leads that are looking for luxury homes above a certain Price Range. You can create a Filter that only pulls Leads that have searched for Listings in specific area’s above a certain Price as well as a specific Home Size. This is what the filter might look like.

Example 2: Active Leads Within a Specific Location

If there was a situation where you wanted to create a Filter to view Leads that are only searching for within a specific city (or set of cities or communities) that have been active within the past week, the filter might look something like this.

Viewing Leads in a Filter

For this section I will be talking mainly about the All Filter, but it applies to any Filter that you happen to be viewing. When you go into a Filter to view the Leads, you’ll notice that you have the option to display those Leads in list view or in a table view. In the list view, you’ll see all of their basic contact information, their Lead Score, the number of searches made and Listings viewed. If you switch it to table view, you’ll see all of that information broken down in an easier to read format. In both views, you’ll see a button for each Lead that let’s you add them into the Workflow as well.

  • Rating: This let’s you rate a Lead based on their potential to convert. You can rate a Lead anywhere from 0-5 stars.
  • Location: This is the most frequent area that a Lead is viewing Listings in.
  • Budget:
  • Score: This is the overall score given to a Lead by our System based on a Lead’s potential to convert. This takes into account Listings viewed, Listings saved, searches made, searches saved and emails traded.
  • Last Active: This is the last time a Lead has been Active in the IDX.


Adding Leads Manually

Envoy also gives you the option to add Leads manually. You can do this by clicking on the button at the top-right of the Page that says “Add Leads”. By clicking on the button you’ll see a menu scroll out from the right side of the Page that you let’s you input a Lead’s basic contact information. You’ll also see there is an option to do a ProSearch now when adding the Lead, which makes it easier and quicker to go in and add Leads manually.


Task List

The Task List is a built-in To-Do List with added functionality. If you click on the button for Task List at the top-right hand side of the page you’ll see a menu scroll out from the right that gives you options adding a new Task as well as viewing completed Tasks.

If you click on “Add a new Task”, you’ll see that you can add a brief description as well as being able to set a Due Date and you can even attach the task to a Lead. So you have the ability to create a Task to follow-up with a specific Lead on a specific date as well as any other combination of that functionality that would be useful. Once you’ve completed the Task, it will move to the Completed Tab where you can review it at a later time.