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Date: May 12th, 2016 | Category: Envoy (CRM)


We’re introducing a new method of being able to manage and follow-up with Leads to ensure that all Users that get added into or Register through our Products get follow-ups in a timely manner. This is something that we’re extremely excited about and hope that you find this useful for Contact Management going forward. When you first login to Envoy and go into the Workflow section, you’ll be greeted with an intro video that will take you through the basic setup of Workflow and provide some basic examples about how Workflow can you be used.


Step 1: Creating your Lists

After you’ve watched the intro video, you’ll be taken into the next area where you can setup the Default Lists that we provide you as well as add more Lists if you want to set up your Workflow a bit different from what we provide you by Default. You can rename any of the 4 Lists we provided and you can specify which Lists you use as your “First Contact” and “Closed” Lists, which means you can specify which Lists they get added to when first registering as well as which list they get moved to once they’ve gone into a “Closed” state.


Step 2: Adding Leads to the Workflow

Once you’ve setup your Lists, you’ll see them all listed out in columns from Left to Right. At this point you can start adding Leads into the Workflow by clicking on the “Add Leads to Workflow” button that is that the top right-hand corner of the Page. When you click on that button, it will bring up quick search bar that will let you search for Leads by Name and Email. Once you’ve found the Lead you want to add, you’d click on “Add Lead to Workflow” next to their name and they’ll be added into the List that you chose for Leads to be added into from the previous step. This is what it will look like once they’re added.


Step 3: Managing the Workflow

The purpose of this new method of managing leads was designed in such a way to make it completely clear where in the process a User is currently in, which ultimately makes it easier for you to know which Users you need to focus on. You can weed out the Users that are just looking versus other Users that are actually looking to set up times to look at specific homes.

How you choose to name the lists would help you setup your own Workflow, so you don’t have to follow what we have pre-determined. The Workflow is meant to be customizable because everyone has their own way to work, but with this new method, it will greatly increase your productivity to ensure that Users are getting followed up with but that you’re also following up with Leads that have the greatest chance of converting sales.

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