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January 31st, 2011

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Groups are simply put, a way to organize your Contacts. If you think of your contact as a single sheet of paper, you can think of the groups as file folders that your contact can go into. Note: Your contact can only be in one group at a time.

Examples of Groups:

  • Each group could be an area and you can organize your contacts by the area they are searching.
  • Each group could be a timeframe for buying.
  • Each group could be a how responsive of a lead the contact is (are they really interested or just browsing?).

Adding New Groups:

  • dsSearchAgent Lite has a limit to the number of groups that can be made (there can only be 3 groups).
  • To add new groups go to the “Add Groups” section in the lower right and type in the name of your new Group, then hit the “Add Group” button.

Editing a Group:

To edit a group, click on the icon in the lower right of the group that looks like two people with a pencil (here, you can change the name to whatever you’d like).

Deleting a Group:

To delete a group, click on the red icon in the lower right of the group.