dsSearchAgent Mobile: Device Compatibility

Date: May 12th, 2016 | Category: dsMobile

dsSearchAgent Mobile is compatible with most late model phones, tablets, and other touch screen devices. In particular, we ensure that it will work for at least the following operating systems / devices.

  • Android 2.1 and up (Android 2.0 devices no longer exist), which powers over 400 phones, tables, and other devices as of June, 2011.
  • iOS 4.0 and up, which powers the vast majority of iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices.
  • Blackberry 6.0 and up, which powers a significant and growing proportion of all Blackberry devices.

We don’t yet support Windows Phone 7, but we may once Microsoft releases their big update code-named “Mango” in Fall, 2011.

In addition to touch devices, we also support viewing a demo of the product in Google Chrome, Safari, or any version of Internet Explorer. Notably, we don’t yet support Firefox for the demo.

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