How To Look at Your IDX Usage Stats

Date: January 31st, 2011 | Category: dsSearchAgent

Did you know that you can access IDX usage Stats direct from your Control Panel? This is useful for determining how many people have visited your site and the number of IDX emails that have been sent out. To access your stats, perform the following steps…

  1. Log into your Control Panel,
  2. Hover over dsSearchAgent >> Click on “Stats”

Here, you’ll see two Tabs: 1.) IDX Emails Sent and 2.) IDX Usage.

Let’s look at the first tab: IDX Emails Sent

This tab will tell you the…

IDX Usage

This tab will tell you the number of times people navigated to your site. it also counts the number of times Visitors used your IDX. You’ll notice two colors: 1.) Aqua and 2.) a light aqua blue. These are to distinguish between “Visitors” and “Users”.

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