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January 14th, 2011

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The day is finally here. It’s the day that you get to see, play with, poke, prod, and hopefully not break the new dsSearchAgent 3.0 beta. If you are using the <script> tag to frame in the IDX then the HTML on your page should look something like this:

<script src=” kID=0&Height=2000″></script>

You want to change “” to “” like so:

<script src=” kID=0&Height=2000″></script>

Then, if you are linking directly to the IDX, your URLs should look something like this:

or maybe even this:

Simple change “” to “” like so:

To switch back to the old version, in either <script> or direct linking, just switch “” back to “”.

NOTE: v3 works on top of v2. Once we enable the v2 to v3 “lever” basically what will happen is whatever URL that is out there v3.idx or not will show the Visitor the version you’ve chosen. So no need to worry about getting multiple urls out there.