dsSearchAgent 3.0 Beta Features

Date: January 17th, 2011 | Category: dsSearchAgent

Here, let’s run down some of the new features that you’ll see in the new dsSearchAgent 3.0. All in all, the new interface has been completely updated with a more up-to-date design style. The “Client Register” and “Login” links have been moved to a more prominent location. Now let’s look at some of the other additional features…

The search panel:

The results panel:

The map panel is similar to how we had it before with the exception of moving a few things around and hooking up the instant results to map movement.

The details panel:

We know there have been numerous features requested over the last few months and some have made it into this update. There are however a large number of additions that have not but will be added to a variety of updates that will be coming over the next couple months. Things such as open houses (where available), solds (where available), better schools integration, redesign consumer admin area for managing their saved properties and searches, new website modules and numerous other features that we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag on just yet. We are estimating there will be about 4 more updates that will be out every few weeks. For the next week or so we are going to let everyone play with this beta site. This link is not meant to put onto your website. At the end of next week we will have more bugs fixed and a way for you to put the beta onto your site if you like. In addition we will be adding the needed code to accommodate your color schemes. Once we get a very stable version we will give everyone else the opportunity to start using the new version. As beta testers you will have access to the new feature before anyone else. Below is the link to the beta version of 3.0.


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