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If you are using any Open House modules or search panels with dsIDXpress and would like to remove them, there are a few different areas you might need to edit in order to remove them. Follow these instructions:

Main Options

  • Login to your WordPress Admin
  • On the bottom left, hover over “IDX”
  • Select, “More Options”
  • The last checkbox option will read, “Show Open House Details”
  • Uncheck this option
  • Scroll down and select, “Save Options”

Open House Widget

  • Once logged into the WordPress Admin, hover over, “Appearance”
  • Select “Widgets”
  • If you are utilizing the Open House widget in any of your side, top, or bottom bars, simply drag and drop the widget into “Inactive Widgets” at the bottom

IDX Pages

  • Once logged into the WordPress Admin, click, “IDX Pages”
  • Find any page that you have created that is using an Open House filter
  • Edit the page
  • Under, “IDX Data Filters” find the gray box which indicates “Open Houses” and click the small X to the right
  • Save the page

And if you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to call or email our Support Team.

We can be reached at 877.348.7654, dial 2 for our Support Team and any Representative will be happy to assist you with your account.