How To Create a Custom Form

Date: February 28th, 2011 | Category: dsAgentReach

Forms are a great way to collect details/capture information from a visitor when they visit your website. The neat thing about our Custom Forms creator is that each form can consist of many fields that ask for specific pieces of information. Additionally, fields can come in many types such as Text, Checkbox, Radiobutton and Dropdown. To create a custom contact form, perform the following steps:

Here, you can access and edit your Saved Forms or click on the “Start Form Creation” button to create a new form.

The next step is to edit your Form Details:

Then, proceed to add Information Fields to your new Custom Form:

Here, you can add fields like: Name, Email, Address, Phone, etc. Just title your “Field Title”, select an “information field”, select your “Input Type” and click “Add Information Field.”

Once you’re done adding all of your information fields, click “Save and Update Generated HTML” and add that HTML to the appropriate page on your site and you’re all set!

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