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January 13th, 2011

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You can customize how a Visitor registers to your IDX and where that “lead” is exported to directly from your Control Panel. To access this area in your Control Panel, go to:

  • Log into your Control Panel,
  • Hover over dsSearchAgent >> Click on “Options”
  • Click on the “Registration” Tab

Here you can adjust your IDX registration settings.

If your “Registration Level” is set to “Require on Property Details” both of the fields are used. This means that individuals can search your IDX for properties, but they won’t be required to register until they’ve requested “X” number of listing views. If your “Registration Level” is set to “Require on Search Results” only the “# of Searches Before Registration” field is used. This means that an visitor can only perform “X” number of searches before being forced to register to your IDX.


In this section of your Registration Tab you can customize the requested profile fields upon registration. You can select these fields to make them optional and/or make them required fields. Additionally, you can create custom registration fields, just click on the “Edit Custom Registration Fields” tab.


Lastly, here you can specify the AgentReach Group that your lead is exported to upon registration. In this example, I’ve selected dsSearchAgent Registrations. If you have an dsAgentReach Pro-Broker Account, you can assign an AgentReach Pipeline in this section as well. Simply select an AgentReach Group (and AgentReach Pipeline), click “Save Options” and you’re all set.