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Lead Details

In this section we’ll be looking the different information that you will be seeing when you go into a Lead’s account in Envoy. You can get into a Lead’s details by simply clicking on the Lead’s name via the Dashboard or through the Quick Search that is at the top of Envoy. Once the details page comes up with the Lead’s information, you’ll see a lot of Data about what they’ve looked at, searches they’ve done, Listings they’ve viewed as well as aggregate data and their contact information.

You’ll notice that most of the information being displayed is pretty straight forward but I’m going to break down the other Data you’re seeing here to give you a better overall understanding of how all this information is broken down so that it helps you to work better with your Lead’s as they come in.

Basic Contact Information

Firstly, you’ll notice all of the basic contact information at the top of the Lead Details page in it’s own header. You’ll see the First/Last name of the Lead, their contact Phone Number and Email as well as their Lead Score, Workflow integration and who owns the Lead (this is reserved for functionality to be added in the future). You’ll also notice that there is a button for Tasks, Notes and Tags.


  • Tasks: This button lets you create Lead-specific Tasks. You can find more information about Tasks here.
  • Notes: This lets you add lead-specific notes up to 3000 characters. This can be used to help you with adding information that can’t otherwise be saved using any of the fields provided.
  • Tags: This is similar to other web apps that provide Tagging functionality. Essentially you can create Tags to help with micro-managing the Leads that you have stored and they can be used to create Filters to help with viewing specific Tags that you have setup. You can view more about Filters here.

Lead Behavior

In this tab, you’ll find all of the aggregate data for what a User has done thus far through their account. So you’ll be able to see their Lead Score, their overall Activity and a “snapshot” of Search Results / Listings that they’ve viewed as well as a map showing the Listings that they’ve viewed.

  • Lead Score: The overall score give to a Lead by our System based on the Lead’s activity. This includes Listings viewed, searches made, Listings saved and emails traded.
  • Activity Details: This section shows the amount of Searches made and saved by the Lead, the Listings viewed and favorited and the emails traded.
  • IDX Snapshot: This shows aggregate information based on the Listings viewed and searches made through the IDX.
  • Map of Listings Viewed: This shows a map with the points of the Listings that have been viewed on the map.

Lead Details

This is the section of the Lead’s account where you’ll be able to update all of their contact information manually. This is probably the most straight-forward section but I will go into detail for each here.

  • Primary Information: This is where you input the First/Last name of the Lead
  • Phone Numbers:  This would be any and all numbers that would be good to use for contacting the Lead.
  • Email Addresses: The Leads contact Email/s go here. Only one can be used for receiving Listing Alerts.
  • Street Address: The Leads contact address if provided.
  • MailChimp Integration: This section allows you to setup a specific Lead into MailChimp for Email Marketing/Campaigning.

Pro Search

This section is probably one where you will be spending a lot of your time. If you’re familiar with our old CRM called dsAgentReach, we included functionality that allowed you to Login as a Lead so that you can do searches as them and save the searches for them to start triggering Email Updates regarding that saved search. This new section eliminates the impersonating functionality and allows you to make and save their searches directly within Envoy, which ultimately makes this process a lot easier and quicker. If you click on the ProSearch tab within a Lead’s Details page, you’ll see a menu scroll out like this.

All of the searching functionality that you see in the new menu is the same as the front-end IDX. So you can go in and start adding any criteria to the search and it will begin to give you Results based on the input criteria.

As soon as you’ve input all the necessary data to pull the Results that you’re looking for, you’ll hit the Continue button at the bottom of that menu. You’ll see that it then takes you to a new section where you can customize the Email that a Lead would receive letting them know that they have a new Saved Search. You can also choose Alert Settings specific to this search and you can even choose to be CC’d on the Email that goes out if you want to receive a copy as well.

After hitting “Send”, you’ll be take back into the main ProSearch page where you’ll see the saved Search, all the criteria used for the Results that you see as well as the Results that fit that criteria. One thing I would note is that you can currently only have 1 saved ProSearch at this time, but you can modify the criteria being used to modify the Results for the saved ProSearch without having to build a completely new search.