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January 31st, 2011

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Modules are customizable “drop-ins” you can put on your personal website to promote certain properties, and help get people to your MLS search. There are 4 different kinds of modules. In this tutorial, let’s look at the Quick Search Module.

Quick Search Module

This module is a little differently built than any of the other modules. It only uses the default search where the other modules use custom built links. To make a quick search module, click on the image of the quick search module.

Then, add the title to your Quick Search Module and choose the MLS if you have the option of more than one. Then hit “Add New Quick Search”. Your search will then be added to the list of Quick Searches. From here you can click on the edit icon (piece of paper with a pencil) so that you can choose the fields that will be used. Simply drag the fields you want from the red box to the green box. You can also drag them into the order you would like them to appear.

For the property type and features fields you will need to check off the ones you want to be included in the options for the visitor to choose from. You can also choose if they will be Check Boxes, Dropdown Menu or Radio Buttons.

Once you have done that you are going to need to choose the number of columns you would like your search to have.

  • One column will have all of the field names above the field boxes.
  • Two columns will have the field names to the left of the field boxes.
  • Four columns will be similar to two columns, but two sets of this next to one another.
  • Six columns will be similar to two and four columns but there will be 3 sets.
  • Unlimited will have all of the field names and field boxes in a horizontal fashion.

Once you are done, save your search by clicking on the “Save Quick Search” changes. This will bring you back to the main Quick Search Page where you will now click on the blue HTML box to get the code to put the module on your website.

Video Tutorial: