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Theme / template / display issues

The pages dsIDXpress generates often have a bunch of line breaks in them

If the dsIDXpress pages aren’t formatted correctly or appear to contain <br /> tags throughout the pages, it’s possible that your theme is overriding dsIDXpress’s configuration. It’s rare that a theme will do this, but there’s an easy test and fairly easy fix that you can make to fix this issue.

First, to test for the problem, simply change the theme of your blog to the default theme that comes with WordPress. After you change the theme, reload the dsIDXpress page that was displaying the oddly-formatted pages. If the page looks okay with the default theme, we can be sure that the problem is the theme you were using. You’ll want to switch back to the theme you were using at this point.

Now that we know that the problem is caused by the theme, you’ll want to remove the source of the problem. You need to either use the theme editor or use FTP and Notepad (for advanced users) to look through your theme files and remove the issue. You’ll want to look for a line that looks like this:

add_filter(“the_content”, “wpautop”, “XXX”); (where XXX is usually a number)

Simply add two forward slashes in front of that line to fix the issue. See below.

//add_filter("the_content", "wpautop", "XXX");

Now save or re-upload the file and reload the dsIDXpress page. The problem should be fixed.