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February 16th, 2011

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Google looks at new domains registered less than a year like they are “baby domains” not yet ready for the big world. So, it is more difficult to gain and maintain results until they see the site mature and continue maturing. Part of the maturing process happens by adding new pages of content and blog posts regularly.

Even when a site is using a domain that has “matured” there will still be hefty ups and downs when you first begin to use the plugin. The reason for this? Basically, your site goes from having say 50 pages to 1000’s of pages. It’s a shock to the system, if you will. So, often, clients see the number of pages indexed shoot up very high initially, then come down drastically, and then (assuming they are working on posts and pages) the results slowly begin to increase over time in a more gradual manner.

There is no guarantee that any listings that you post on your blog using the plugin will be indexed in Google. Google’s algorithm decides if and when a page of any site is worthy of being indexed. The harder you work on creating a complete site / blog, though, the more likely pages from the plugin will be indexed and help improve your overall rankings in search engines.