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February 2nd, 2011

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Tags are a way to organize your clients. If you think of your contact as a single sheet of paper you can think of the tags as sticky notes. Your contact can have as many sticky notes as you would like.

Examples of Tags:

  • The city the person is looking to buy in
  • Their buying timeframe
  • The type of house they are looking to buy
  • Features that they are looking for (either in their home or in you as their agent)

Adding New Tags:

To add a new tag you need to be viewing the details page for a contact. Below the contacts name, you will see a link that reads “Edit Tags”. Here you can choose existing tags for your contact, or you can type in new tags. Any new tags you add can be chosen for any of your contacts when editing tags for that contact.

Editing Tags:

To edit your tags, first you need to get to the details page for the contact that you would like to edit the tags for. You’ll find the section for editing tags in the same place you found the section for adding new tags. There, you can choose which tags you would like your contact to have and uncheck any you would not.

Tags are a great way to access/find your contacts at a later date but don’t get too carried away. I wouldn’t assign too many tags to a single contact 😉