How To Create A Custom Campaign

Date: January 26th, 2011 | Category: dsAgentReach

Custom Campaigns allow you to have your Marketing Emails automatically sent out to your current and future contacts (in other words, this is how you set up a drip campaign). You can set a Custom Campaign to be sent out on specific dates, dates since the Contact has been added, or to send out weekly/monthly. This is perfect for creating drip campaigns for people who register to your IDX and/or fill out a Contact Form on your site.

Let’s take a look at how to set up a Custom Campaign…

  1. Log into your Control Panel,
  2. Hover over dsAgentReach >> Click on “Campaigns”

From here you have the option to create a Custom Campaign from either 1.) Your own Marketing Emails (Read: How To Create A Marketing Email) , 2.) Create a pre-made Campaign from the content we’ve pre-populated for you.

The process for creating a Custom Campaign is the same whether you’re using your own Marketing Emails or the Pre-made Campaigns. In this example, let’s look at how to create a Custom Campaign from your pre-populated content…

Click on the “Create a Premade Campaign” button. From there,  you can choose one of the premade campaigns as listed below and click “Continue to Schedule”: (in this case I’ve selected “Mortgage Tips”)

From here, you’ll be able to choose your schedule type and schedule your campaign. Currently, there are four schedule types:

In the example above, you’ll noticed that we used a Flex Schedule. You just enter the number of days after the contact is added to either the group or campaign that this email will be sent. Flex schedules start with day 1 as first day the contact is added to the campaign. So if you want to have a card sent out on the first day, type 1 in the box below.

Then, your last step is to complete your Campaign. Give it a title, set an “End Date” if you don’t wish to continue this campaign after a particular date. And choose the recipients you’d like to send these emails to from your contacts and viola! you’re all set with your new Custom Campaign!

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